July 12th and 13th 2008 in Plateau de Calern


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Etroplane is a meeting of slope soaring which is unique in Europe. It is reserved to old style gliders up until around 1960 in other words, prior to the arrival of fibreglass gliders. This meeting unites those passionate about building and flying original models.

The advantage of this meeting on a slope is that it allows flying to take place at eye level thus giving pleasure and allowing one the chance to admire the workmanship through the fabric and to hear the whistling of the wind through the shroud

Every year, Retroplane take place in a new region, and the 2008 meeting will be hosted by the MACC, club Lou Gabian and the Fédération Monégasque de modélisme, and will be co-organizer with the Retroplane's team..

What models can take part ?
-Scale models which have been constructed in wood and fabric or tube and fabric according to plans which

What models cannot take part ?
RTF gliders or those from kits or craftman with fibreglass fuselage and foam wings. For example, the Ka6 Multiplex or S2G, Mimimoa Graupner or S2G....
- Second hand gliders, in this case are considered as Ready to Fly
- Full scale glider reproduction which have all plastic fuselage and wings are no longer considered "retro".

Aeromodel pilots who have a "retro" scale model or semi "retro" scale model and who wish to participate in the Retroplane 2008 meeting are invited to Contact me by E-Mail

To participate, the pilots must have an up to date flying licence from your country of residence. A special permit will allow 35Mhz and 40Mhz radio systems to be used during the event. A radio frequency check system will be in place during the entire event..

The meeting will officially be held on 12-13th of July, and the slope site will be booked for the event. Before and.

Retroplane is a meeting for pleasure, without any competitive spirit while at the same time, providing "relaxed" judgment in order to motivate the participants.

The philosophy of the meeting is to

·         Prioritise authentic models

·         Meet friends who are adept at construction and in retro scale gliders

·         Create a memorable experience

·         Experience together an enjoyable and convivial moment










Sponsors and Prizes


Subsciptions to Modèle Magazine

Subsciptions to Aufwind

1 tee-shirt
will be given by COPAEROto all pilots

Short-Kit Ka3 and Opel Rak LoopingFredhttp://www.islandmodels.ie


A little plywood panel 25cm long painted and with stickers will be given to all pilots.

Around 10 wooden puzzle of the Dopp to be assembled (47cm wing span)


1 Dopp skeleton assembled and golden painted

All prizes will be drawn.




The flying Site CAUSSOLS - 06 Alpes Maritimes


Caussols is a small village in the South of France, precisely, in "l'arriere pays de Grasse", region known to be sunny. The slope site is situated at the hill of Calern, above the village of Caussols (mountain with a flat top...)On this immense hill, you can find "l'Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur" (Cote d'Azur Observatory). The slope altitude is around 1200 Meters (around 400 feet) and always in the wind, which will allow us not to suffer to much of the sun. The main slope is oriented South/East, facing the sea breeze, who are blowing almost everyday during the summer. We are flying with a view to the Mediterranean sea. To get to the top, there is a walk on flat of around 300 mtrs, from the car park to the launching zone. The landings are easy and without turbulences on a large flat dry grass area.
In case of winds coming from the West, another slope is situated 300mtrs opposite to the Car Park. The landing zone is an area of dry grass, lavender and scrubland, which is not the best but workable.

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How to get there ?



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Where to sleep ?


I propose for everybody to take accommodation to "l'Auberge du Grand Rocher", 8 km from Gréolières, which will be our main camp base and meeting point. This nice 8 rooms and 70 dormitory beds hotel restaurant will also allow us to use the big field beside the hotel for tents, caravans and camping cars, and will be entirely booked for us. That will allow us to us the hotel's commodities and showers. For safety reasons, there will be no electricity at the camp site, but it will be possible to plug almost anything (Pcs, cameras, chargers and so on...) in the hotel.
We will be at 23 km (20 mins drive by car) from the slope of Caussols.

Dormitory 72 beds

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